Questions & Answers

Q: Is this event for only advance competitive cyclist?

A: Even though this event has awards based on timing, it is first and foremost a fun event for all cyclists who want to enjoy themselves and raise money and awareness for Parkinson Research.  The 21 km loop does consist of hilly ascents and descents recommended for intermediate and advance cyclists, however all levels of cyclists are allowed.

Q: Do I have to raise the $100 pledge portion of the registration fees?

A: The registration fee for the event is $150.  $50 of which is paid up front and is non-tax deductible. The remaining $100 pledge portion provides you the opportunity to reach out to friends and family to support your ride.  Using social media tools provided by (Registration Application), this can be easily done. The pledge portion is eligible for tax deductions.

Q: Can I raise more than $100.00 through my pledges?

A: We encourage you to raise more than $100.00 to support Parkinson’s research by providing a free Lap the Gats’s jersey for those who raise $600 and more. We also provide prizes for the rider that raises the highest amount overall.

Q: The registration fee is $50 and I need to fundraise $100 to ride. What happens if I am unable to raise the $100.00?

A: As you can understand this is a charity cycling event put on by volunteers.  We will ask when you pick up your kits that you pay for the amount that is outstanding.

Q: Where do I park my vehicle at the PRC Welcome Area?

A: Unfortunately there is no parking in this area.  Passengers can be dropped off at designated drop-off area.  Parking is provided further down the road at P7b.  Being a cycling event, bring your bike and a lock and ride from P7b to the PRC Welcome Area. (see map)

Q: Is there a location I can park my vehicle and be closer to the event other than the PRC Welcome Area?

A: Along the course the following parking lots are open and close to the course.

P8, P9, P10 (Gatineau Park Summer Roadway Maps)

Q: Where is the starting and finishing location for the riders?

A: The start and finish area is located at the PRC Welcome Area.  Please see map for additional information.

Q: What time does the event start?

A: The event starts at 8:00, and there are waves being released every 2 minutes. Your wave is dependent on what you indicated when you registered for the race.  You can check your wave start time on the website.

Q: I want to ride with my friends and support the cause but we are non-competitive cyclists therefore which category should we register for?

A: Thank you for your support as a non-competitive rider.  You and your friends can cycle together as “Team” in the Team Category.   This category is open to competitive and non-competitive riders as this event for the foremost is about having fun and raising awareness and money for the Parkinson Research Consortium.  Remember, there are prizes for raising the most amount of money.

Q: I am unable to ride in the event, what is the refund policy?

A: Unfortunately there is no refund as this is a charity event. Please see Refund Policy on the registration page for more information.

Q: Why is finishing depended on completed loop and not include the distance of the unfinished loop?

A: We would love to include the unfinished distance but unfortunately the chip technology used in this event can only calculate the time duration from when the rider crosses the start/finish line.