Lap the Gat – Event Rules:


Timing Chip is to be returned immediately at the end of his/her ride or there will be a $200.00 charge.

This is not an official “race”, but rather a self-paced ride.

Timing Chip is to be returned immediately at the end of his/her ride or will be charges $200.00.

Helmets are mandatory. Cyclists must wear a certified cycling helmet with the chinstrap buckled at all times while riding on the course.

Against-the-clock/Triathlon type handlebars (rail handlebars) are prohibited.

Riders must cycle on the right hand side of the yellow line. The loop course will be closed to motorists but is available to other cyclists who are not participating in the event.

Be aware of others around you and communicate well in advance while cycling. Use gestures in combination with verbal commands. Pass on the left only. It is recommended that cyclists advise others that they are about to pass – politely saying “on your left” upon approaching a rider usually does the trick. Ride with your head up. Look down the road not at the person in front of you.

Solo and team cyclists’ riding in packs is tolerated. Consent to draft is encouraged. The pack will assume full responsibility for safety. The organization reserves the right to intervene and, if need be, penalize any dangerous behavior resulting from a pack or from drafting. This is a privilege and not an acquired right. The officials may at any time disband a pack whose conduct is deemed risky or unsporting.

Due to safety reasons, all participants are to start in the “Participant Start Area” which is located below the start/finish chip activation line. This includes team members. Those who do not start in this area will be disqualified from the event.

Lap/timing chips begin once the cyclist crosses the starting/finish line.

Each participant is responsible for his or her own timing chip and for properly putting it on as outlined in the instructions. Only laps registered by the timing system will be counted. Tampering with the chip is not allowed.

Every participant will have his or her own climbing time for the climbing section of the event. Therefore the fastest time of a participant on a team is not the time for each cyclist on the team.

There are no breaks in the event unless for emergency reasons.

Ride within the designated loop route. Riders are asked to stay within the dedicated lane width of the course at all times. A “centre line rule” will be in effect, whereby any cyclist who deliberately rides outside the lane may be removed from the event. Ride safely and in control and single file whenever possible. Any cyclist who is deemed to be riding unsafely, discourteously or recklessly will be removed from the event organizers. Any riders found cycling outside the designated cycling lane for the Lap the Gats for Parkinson’s will be automatically disqualified and pulled from the course on the spot.

Emergency Vehicles ALWAYS have the right of way. If a rider encounters an emergency vehicle, the rider is to give way to the emergency vehicle by pulling over, stopping and dismounting. You are reminded to clearly communicate with other riders your intentions to slow down and stop.

Display your event number. All registered cyclists must wear their event number according to race instructions. Riders who fail to do so will be asked to leave the event and will not receive an official finish time.

Participants are permitted to use standard road bicycles, hybrids, commuters or mountain bikes. If you are interested in participating using any vehicle other than the standard road bicycle, we require that you contact us no later than one month in advance of the event.

No MP3 players, headphones, personal stereos or usage of cell phones while riding.

Lap the Gats for Parkinson’s riders must be 12 years old on race day in order to participate. However, those under the age of 18 must get consent from a guardian and present the signed consent form to the organizers during race kit pickup.

Course closure. The finish line of the Lap the Gats for Parkinson’s will close at 10:30 AM. Riders who have not crossed the start/finish line by 11:01 will not permitted to continue and timer chip will no longer track cyclist time. Some stoppages may occur along the course to facilitate vehicular traffic flow at intersections.

No littering on the course – it’s illegal and disrespectful. Riders are to dispose of garbage in designated garbage bins only.

All riders are to obey traffic course marshals. To disobey instructions from these individuals will result in disqualification from the ride.

Public urination is not permitted. When nature calls, riders are asked to use toilets provided at Rest Stops.


1. If you choose to stop while on course, signal to the riders behind and pull over safely.
2. Maintain control and speed of your bike, even going downhill.
3. Know your limits.
4. Always plan an escape route.
5. Never overlap your wheels with another cyclist.
6. Be respectful of other riders and help others when needed.