ltg 2015 -263

The event will be taking place June 24, 2018 and the following will be the traffic impact from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm (noon).

Full Road Closures to Motorized Vehicles

Champlain Parkway
Fortune Parkway
Gatineau Parkway


Motorized vehicles will experience delays on Old Chelsea Road at both intersections with Gatineau Parkway (P8) and Gatineau Parkway/Dunlop Road (near P9).

Some delay may occur on Kingsmere Road near the PRC Welcome Area.

Camp Fortune/Aerial Park

Dunlop Road will be open to motorized vehicles but may experience delays as the Dunlop Road section between Fortune Parkway and Gatineau Parkway will have alternating traffic along one lane.

Mackenzie King Estate

Due to the road closures, the summer access to Mackenzie King Estate will be closed. Please use the winter access to P6 via Swamp Road until the roads re-open at noon.