Why Support PRC?

The Parkinson’s Research Consortium

Parkinson’s disease is a devastating neurological disorder that affects 1 in 100 people. 40% before the age of 60. There is currently no cure.

Why support the Parkinson Research Consortium?

The Parkinson Research Consortium (PRC) was founded in 2004 to bring researchers together in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. The PRC aims to offer better solutions and increased knowledge of Parkinson’s on the way to a cure.

Your participation in Lap the Gats for Parkinson’s means further support and awareness of the crucial research being done in Ottawa, which is then translated into better therapies and options for patients everywhere.

100% of the money raised from the Lap the Gats event (less operating expenses) goes to the PRC to fund:

a) Fellowships for researchers in cutting edge laboratories at the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; and,
b) Specific novel projects examining the degenerative process in PD.

More information about the PRC can be found at http://www.ohri.ca/prc/